Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mergers and Acquisitions – You Need Approval from the Regulators

The mortgage industry has been changing in the past four (4) years. Many mortgage lenders and brokers have closed their doors and stopped doing business entirely. Other companies want to stay in business but don’t want the headache of licensing compliance. Some of these companies are being acquired by other, larger companies who have compliance departments and who simply want to grow.

Most state licensing laws require that before one company can acquire or merge with another company their state banking department must approve the change. The statutes usually refer to a “change of control.” Most of these statutes require that, if there is an acquisition or merger, the acquiring company or companies being merged must notify the state regulatory agency and receive agency approval before the acquisition or merger is finalized. This means that if you are buying a company, the buy-sell agreement should have a contingency clause that the acquisition will not close until after all necessary regulatory approvals are received. If the company being acquired or merged is licensed in more than one state, the company that is buying must submit notification and approval paperwork to each regulatory agency in each state in which the company being bought or merged is licensed.

The company being acquired needs to close all loans in its pipeline and stop originating new loans while the approval is pending.

Do not jump the gun and start acting as if the acquisition or merger has gone through before the regulatory agency has given approval. You could be subject to fines, penalties and other disciplinary action that can affect your license and therefore your ability to originate loans.

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