Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Audited Financial Statements and the NMLS

I find the NMLS to be an exasperating system to use at times. However, one function they have instituted has been very helpful to me and others who maintain compliance for mortgage lenders and brokers who operate in more than one state.

Many states have a requirement that you send them a copy of an audited financial statement every year. This involves keeping track of which states have this requirement and when the statements are due. Then you have the manual task of sending the same statement to each of those states.

Those states on the NMLS have revised their deadlines to all coincide on March 31st. Your audited financial statement must be in PDF form in order to be uploaded through the NMLS. And you are required to input the assets, liabilities, and shareholder/member capital even though those figures are in the financial statement. However, you upload one financial statement and it is distributed to all the states on the NMLS who require you to submit financials. That is one less task that your compliance department (which may be the owner of the company) must do more than once.